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    SOFT#2015: HRM with Accounting CRM



    This system is a complete HRM solution with payroll, leave holiday and attendance system and much more.
    You can get all in one using this system solution. Sales, transaction and invoicing, project management and billing, everything you need to run your business you can have it in this system.



    Easy to use
    This system’s eye soothing and easy to navigate graphical user interface gives you the ultimate ease of use experience.
    Powerful Project Management
    This system includes a powerful project management module that enables you to have total control of your projects. Milestone, tasks, Expense, Calendar, Time, Invoice, estimates, versatile project reporting and many more features that always keep you in control.
    Leads Management
    Keep and maintain all of your leads from a single panel. Call, meeting, attachments, Sources, tasks, proposals and reminders and more features to help you out with.
    Stunning Sales Reporting
    Track all of your sales with monthly, yearly, invoices, estimates, payments and proposals reports.
    Hassle Free Invoicing System
    A full hassle-free invoicing system including recurring invoices and payment with payment gateway integration capability makes your job easier.
    Maintain Proposals
    Sent estimates to your clients and let them accept or decline them directly in the interface of this system.
    Client Report
    Get the full value client report through payment reports, estimate amount, projects report and many more.
    Accounts Management
    This system features an accounting module that lets you to have the freedom to analyze your expenses and earnings to give you a clear view of your business operation status.
    Departments and Users
    Create and maintain unlimited department and designation and assign them designated authority of control to see office information.
    Attendance Report
    Keep an easy track of your employees Check-In and Check-Out, leave, holidays.
    Payroll Management
    The system’s powerful payroll management module lets you to pay monthly and hourly payment with overtime, advance salary, provident fund, and awards to your employees.
    Publish announcements and/or notices to your employees and clients from this system.

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    SOFT#2016: Human Resource Management Pro



    Employer Zone 3.0 lets you have the freedom of using one system to manage your employees, their payroll, leaves, holidays, attendance and more.
    This system is to help you to get rid of your HR management hassle. From a single panel you can manage each and every feature that you will need to manage your human resources.



    Ease of Use
    Employer Zone 3.0 comes with a stunning looking and easy to understand user interface.

    Attendance Report
    Get instant report on your employees’ check-in, check-out timing, leave status, holiday status and more.

    Payroll Management
    Use of Employer Zone 3.0 ‘s powerful payroll management module lessen your hassle of maintaining your employees’ payroll. This payroll module comes with monthly and/or hourly basis salary, overtime, provident fund, awards and others.

    Employer Zone 3.0 includes a system to post jobs and process application for recruitment. Thus, reduces the hassle of recruitment process.

    Publish announcements and/or notices to your employees with ease.