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    SOFT#2014: ISP Management with Mikro Tik API



    The best ISP Management System for your business. Manage your business without any hassle. It’s simple to use and clean user interface and packed with all the features you will need to manage your ISP business.



    Manage PPPoE and Hotspot Users
    Add new PPPoE Secret and Hotspot user. Connect portal user with PPPoE and Hotspot credentials. See PPPoE and Hotspot active user.

    System Status and Logs
    See real-time system status and log from your panel.

    Generate Mass Invoice and Bills
    Select create and due date and the system will generate mass invoices and bills just like that. Simple process and all your hassles are gone.

    Unlimited Packages
    Create and manage unlimited package as per your business need and assign your customers to those packages.

    Manage Income and Expenses
    The system allows you to manage your income and expenses from a single panel and let you see the real-time status of your business.

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